Sets 24 and 25 Concepts Review Mar 26

From Computational Statistics (CSE383M and CS395T)
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Segments 24 and 25 are particularly rich in concepts.

Here's my list:

<math>N^{-1/2}</math> metatheorem
goodness of fit test
<math>\chi^2</math> statistic for goodness of fit
Chi-Square distribution
degrees of freedom
linear constraints on measured values
reduced degrees of freedom
nonlinear constraints from MLE parameters
implicit function theorem
<math>\Delta\chi^2</math> for confidence intervals
<math>\Delta\chi^2</math> for goodness of fit

multinomial distribution
Poisson distribution
Poisson as approximation to multinomial
Pearson <math>\chi^2</math> statistic
modified Neyman <math>\chi^2</math> statistic
power-law prior
mean-square error (mse)