Python 2 - Introduction to Python (continued)

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Before class:

In class:

  • Do Rosalind - Protein Translation.
    • Use Biopython (more specifically, the Seq module). The easiest way to do this is to use the class server, which has Biopython intalled, and copy/paste the input and output.
  • Do Rosalind: Finding a Protein Motif with the following guidelines:
    • First, in your gc_content code, separate the fasta parsing functionality from the rest.
      • Extra challenge: make it a generator function.
    • Import your gc_content code into your new code as a module and use it to do your fasta parsing.
    • Use the urllib module to read data from the web.
    • Use the re module to do your motif finding.
      • Note: some approaches to this will have to take extra care to make sure overlapping motifs can be found.