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Default John Woods HW5

Compute the expected value of V.

I like thinking of this in terms of the code I wrote in Octave (Matlab). Here it is:

N = 25
X = randsample(N,N,true)

Yi = @(i) (sum(X == i));

Y = zeros(1,N);
for i=1:N
  Y(i) = Yi(i);

V = @() ( sum(Y > 0) );
U = @() ( sum(Y == 0) );

As you can see, U is the sum of the indicator variables Ij (as defined in the homework assignment). Thus, .

What is the expectation of that indicator variable? It's a boolean, so the expression is . Thus we define .

What is the value for this probability of Aj? The probability of some value i not showing up in a set of 1...N is , so the probability of Aj is that to the Nth power.

Thus, we get .

Since U+V=N, E[U+V]=E[N]=N, and from that, E[U]+E[V]=N. This leaves us with E[V]=N-E[U], which we can write out in its entirety as:

Compute var[V]
First of all, we know from before that . It should also be clear that , unless i=j, in which case it's just P[Aj].

We note that .

Further, we know U, so we can figure out that .

From that, let's get an expectation, and note that .

is trivial to calculate. We can now give an expression for the variance of V:

This is the easy part. First of all, 1/N times E[V] is . As N approaches infinity, the term approaches 1 (approach is made more rapid by the exponent). Thus, the limit of the entire expression will be 0.

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You should reconsider your reasoning for the bonus question.
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