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Default Appointments schedule for final oral interviews

Here's the schedule for the final interviews as I understand it. If you see any discrepancies, let me know immediately. The interviews are in my office ACE 3.258. Please be on time. And, good luck -- and thanks for taking the course!

Monday, May 9

9:30 Yi-Der Lin
10:00 Zhengyan Li
10:30 Ebrahim Rajabzadeh
11:00 Siavash Mirarab

1:00 Vaidyanathan Krishna
1:30 Andrew Horton
2:00 Mei-Yen Chen
2:30 Isaac Levy
3:00 Yanan Jiang

Tuesday, May 10

1:00 Nathan Clement
1:30 Xu Wang
2:00 Courtney Chancellor
2:30 Ayan Acharya
3:00 Tanuj Trivedi
3:30 Bishal Barman
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