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Default How to Use This Section of the Forum

Every student should make *one* thread whose title is your name (or, if you prefer, your Forum name).

You turn in each homework assignment by adding a "reply" to your thread that has either (i) attached, uploaded files (can be a zip file), or (ii) links to some other place that you want to keep your assignments. This is a kind of poor-man's blog, but this version of the Forum software doesn't have separate blogging.

Yes, other people are encouraged to look at your work and make helpful (!) comments. You are encouraged to comment helpfully (!) on other people's work.

If you do your homework on paper, you'll need to find a way to scan it into PDF. Bill or Jeff can help you figure this out.
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Old 01-27-2010, 12:04 PM
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This section of the forum is in the process of being reorganized. The above instructions will be updated soon to reflect this.
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