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Potentially have a section about NPEs that aren't patent trolls, "Common Misconceptions" (e.g. are individual inventors who own a patent but don't create a product patent trolls? What if they sell their patent to make money? What if its to a PAE and they get profit from a lawsuit? Example) I talked about the common misconception of universities. However, I do mention PAEs in the pure patent troll sections and added a paragraph as to why inventors are incentivized to sell. The PAE on the other still remains to be a patent troll.

"What about large manufacturing companies that have divisions that purchase patent portfolios for the purpose of assertion? What about companies that spin off their unused patent portfolio to a wholly or partially owned subsidiary that asserts those patents? What about companies that buy up portfolios for defensive purposes, compelling membership by companies to join for protection?". Patent Trolls: Friend or Foe? I do talk about PAEs, but I explicitly put a reference to them in the pure patent troll section. Also, this section does not mention the defensive patent aggregations - this is talked about in the non legislative solutions section.

Innovation Enterprises

Maybe talk more about the Bayh-Dole Act and why it was mentioned. I added a sentence mentioning why the Bayh-Dole act has incentivized universities to build patent portfolios.

Pure Patent Trolls

I think "well know" should be "well known." Just sayin. Fixed


Rockstar Consortium

"$4.5 USD..." is that 4.5 thousand? Million? Billion?

- It says "billion" now, thanks. Sathya (talk)