Talk:Examples of Future Innovations that Could Undermine Open Internet Rules

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How would the non-internet data services undermine open internet rules? I think we addressed this with our example of the DVD mailing service. This is an example that is a non-internet data service.

"the proposal claims that retail broadband companies can forbear from these less applicable provisions" -The broadband companies can forbear from the provisions or the FCC can forbear from enforcing them? Sorry this was a mistake. Thanks for catching it. Meant to say that the FCC would forbear from enforcing the provisions.

The page title needs to be changed Done

Make a distinction between the public Internet (which is more limited) and private Internet-like networks (which are not strictly the Internet, but fall under the broader "idea" of the Internet) Done

I thought the point of this page was to make a hypothetical company... We see the purpose of this page to talk about many different examples rather than going into extensive detail about something more hypothetical. We thought that it would provide more variation and examples of potential loopholes in the latest proposal.