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What does "mean estimated price elasticity" mean? In general, the math can be overwhelming. Could you represent it graphically?

Use examples to explain the distinction between online and physical publication

Last sentence of summary paragraph at the top of the page is largely meaningless.

Context around quote at the beginning of Background would be nice

"Free content is a special case that has risen" is awkward

"These lower costs of barrier of entry has significantly challenged" should be "have"

The emergence of e-books has had one other lasting impact on a market in the realm of books: Libraries." I appreciate the gravity of the situation, but "Libraries" does not need to be capitalized

"This fear never became reality." Proof?

Expand the Amazon section

Value of Publishers...?

Citation in intro would be nice, especially since you use the word "our" in the first sentence.

Not quite sure about the Value of Publishers section. What does it mean?

"E-book" is inconsistently hyphenated Pvallone (talk) 15:37, 29 April 2015 (EDT) (with wjm, bs, ben, derenge)