Patent Trolls

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List of Topics

Seed Documents

Thank Heavens For Those Patent Trolls

The EFF "Patent-Busting" Project

[Commil USA's "Case" Against Cisco Systems]

"Patent Trolls Want $1000 -- for Using Scanners" (Ars Technica, 1/2/2013)

Sample Patent Troll Demand Letter

"Patent Trolls Now Account for 67 Percent of All New Patent Lawsuits (Washington Post, 6/15/2013)

"One of the Worst Patents Ever Just Got Upheld in Court (Washington Post, 6/24/2013)

List of "Non-Practicing Entities" with Largest Patent Holdings (7/2014)

Patent Progress's Guide to Federal Patent Reform Legislation (2013-2014)

"F.T.C. Votes for Inquiry Into Patent Businesses" (NYT, 9/27/2013)

"Legislation to Protect Against Patent Trolls Is Shelved" (NYT, 5/21/2014)

"Justices Deny Patent to Business Methods (NYT, 6/19/2014)

"Why Retailers Became a Top Target of Patent Trolls" (WSJ, 7/25/2014)

Hatch Talks on Senate Floor about His Patent Reform Bill

"Github - Fighting patent trolls with the LOT Network" (Github 12/9/2014)

"The Evidence is in: Patent Trolls Do Hurt Innovation" (Harvard Business Review 7/14)

Patent Trolls: Why No One Likes Them

Patent Assertion and U.S. Innovation

Apple Loses to Patent Troll

Innovation Act

America Invents Act of 2011

Fee-shifting won’t do anything to stop Patent Trolls

Why there are less patents trolls in Europe

"The 1967 Patent Law Debate: First-To-Invent vs. First-To-File"

Impact of Patent Trolls on Startups

Alice Corporation v. CLS Bank International

Unpacking Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs)

IBM Meta-Patent

"If you believe enough, can you invalidate a patent? Supreme Court to decide" (Mar 31, 2015)

The other side of the story: Inside Intellectual Ventures

Fact Sheet: White House Task Force on High Tech Patent Issues

Patent for Filing Patents

“First to file” patent law starts today: what it means in plain English

Stanford Legal Paper on Patent Trolls