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The Net Neutrality Debate

Seed Documents

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Watch this first! (In sequence, it should be below, June, 2014.)

Comcast v. FCC Decision (2010) (Summarizes events and FCC actions through 2008.)

FCC "Open Internet Order" (2010)

FCC Short Guide to the Open Internet Order (2010)

Tech Firms Push to Control Web's Pipes (WSJ, 12/16/13)

Verizon Has Vanguished the FCC: What Happens Now? (1/15/14)

Verizon v. FCC Decision (1/14/14)

NY Times articles tagged "Net Neutrality" through 12/28/2014

All WSJ articles tagged "Net Neutrality" approx. 4/2014-9/2014

"The FCC’s Net Neutrality Options" (WSJ, 5/22/2014)

"Five Main Themes Emerge in Net Neutrality Debate" (WSJ, 7/16/2014)

"FCC Net Neutrality Plan Calls for More Power Over Broadband" (WSJ, 10/30/2014)

"FCC Broadband Plan: No One Loves It (WSJ, 10/31/2014)

"Google Leads from Behind on Net Neutrality" (WSJ, 10/31/2014)

"FCC Chairman: Obama and I in Agreement on Net Neutrality" (WSJ, 10/17/2014)

Sixty of America's Top Tech Companies Urge 'No Title II Regulation' of the Internet (text of letter) (December 10, 2014)

"Shifting Politics of Net Neutrality Debate Ahead of FCC Vote" (NYT, 1/20/2015)

The Loopholes That Could Undermine an Open Internet (Slate, 1/29/15)

"In Net Neutrality Push, F.C.C. Is Expected to Propose Regulating the Internet as a Utility" (NYT, 2/2/2015)

"FCC to Propose Strong ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules" (WSJ, 2/3/2015)

How Netflix helped change the FCC's definition of net neutrality (The Verge, 2/4/15)

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler: This Is How We Will Ensure Net Neutrality (Wired, 2/4/15)

FCC Fact Sheet: New Rules for Protecting the Open Internet (FCC, 2/5/15)

How White House Thwarted FCC Chief (WSJ, 2/5/15)

Editorial: Washington Conquers the Internet (WSJ, 2/5/15)

Editorial: The FCC's new rules for a free and open Internet (Los Angeles Times, 2/4/15)

Editorial: FCC chairman’s net neutrality plan should be approved (Boston Globe, 2/6/15)

Editorial: Courage and Good Sense at the F.C.C. (NY Times, 2/6/15)

Slides from Bill's introductory lecture 2/9/15

The outcome of the debate: FCC's Net Neutrality Rule adopted 3/26/15


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