Europe's War Against Google

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Group Members: Tyler Yates, Hannah Perry

The European Union is known for going after US tech giants, such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Recently, they have singled in on Google as their dominance on the search market and phone market continues to grow. According to Joaquín Almunia, the European Commissioner for Competition from 2010 to 2014, Google controlled roughly 95% of the search market share in Europe in 2010.<ref name="guardian"/> Google also has a large dominance over mobile operating systems, with the IDC reporting that Android held 71% of the market share in the European Union in 2014 (the next largest being iOS with only 21%).<ref name="nytimes"/> The European Commission is now targeting both Google’s search service as well as their Android division by claiming that their services use anti-competition tactics.


The EU Commission

Microsoft Corp v Commission

Anti-competition Claims

Current Antitrust Litigation

Response and Possible Outcomes


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