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Wednesday, January 20, 2016. FIRST CLASS, 1-3 p.m. GDC 2.410
Monday, January 25. Form groups (randomizer) and write advocacy position papers.
Wednesday, January 27. Groups post their position papers by end of class today.
Monday, February 1. New groups (randomized? volunteer?) divide up the NPOV topics, assign individual tasks.
Wednesday, February 3. Outlines due before class. In class work on group drafting.
Monday, February 8. Constructive criticism of drafts by different group.
Wednesday, February 10. Final draft, convert to Wiki, and read other groups' pages (as much as possible) before class. In class, 30 minutes to finish reading all pages, discuss what our recommendations should be, and pick a next-unit topic! New groups formed for transmission letters.
Monday, February 15. Competing 1000 word Transmission Letters (2 teams) and Recommendations (2 teams) due before class. Discuss and merge in class.
Wednesday, February 17. Start Driverless Car unit. Discuss seed documents and form groups (randomizer).
Monday, February 22. Detailed individual outlines by person due before class. In class, 5 minute presentations with 5 minute question and answer period from each group.
Wednesday, February 24. 1st hour: work in teams. 2nd hour: "Meet the Press" style interview format with 5 interviewers and 5 panelists.
Monday, February 29. Oscars odds excursion. Finish (?) self-driving cars (everyone edits all parts).
Wednesday, March 2. Surprise Quiz on self-driving cars! ("Fact of" is not the surprise, but nature of quiz is.) If time, discuss next unit.
Monday, March 7. Discuss quiz. Groups finalize self-driving car report into Wiki format. Brainstorm on next unit.
Wednesday, March 9. Final report due for Self-Driving Cars. Select next topic from list below
Monday, March 21. Before class: 1) Add at least 5 documents or links on the topic of CS education to its Wiki page and 2) write 500 words on subtopic of choice and submit Google doc to topic 'shoebox'.
Wednesday, March 23. Draft of reports from each group due
Monday, March 28. Senate panel on CS education
Wednesday, March 30. Before class: Final cleanup of CS education reports, be prepared to pick new topic next class.
Monday, April 4. Before class teams will have prepared panel-given lectures on their Cyberattack chapters that embed all Jeopardy questions to be submitted. In class, give lectures.
Tuesday, April 5, 6:00pm. Deadline for every individual to submit Jeopardy questions based on your team's lecture. Submit questions here.
Wednesday, April 6. Jeopardy!
Monday, April 11. Before class: write a 1) 1500+ short story on cyberwar dystopia or 2) 500 cyberwar scenario and 1000 word policy recommendation response. Write on provided Google Doc (should have received an email). Voluntary dramatic readings in class.