Archived schedule 2015

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Mon Jan 26. Aereo/IAmEntitled: form teams, each to deliver 2 min summary at end of class

Wed Jan 28. Aereo/IAmEntitled: teams map their written arguments, confer with other teams with similar interests, assign individual homework writing tasks

Mon Feb 2. Aereo/IAmEntitled: draft written team arguments are due (on Wiki) before beginning of class; team and whole class discussion

Wed Feb 4. Aereo/IAmEntitled: final written team arguments are due (on Wiki) before beginning of class; half hour to prepare oral arguments, one hour to give them (each team gets 10 minutes including questions and interruptions). Judge Bill will then decide the case.

Mon Feb 9. Net Neutrality: Choose teams (randomized for this unit). Bill's introduction to the topic.

Wed Feb 11. Net Neutrality: Collectively outline a single class white paper. Teams choose pieces to write.

Mon Feb 16. Drafts due on the wiki before beginning of class. We assess the draft and assign to teams unanswered or new questions.

Wed Feb 18. Final versions due on the wiki before beginning of class. Final editing. All participate in Q & A simulated tv interviews on the issue, or something like that TBD.

Mon Feb 23. Prepare for simulated Sunday morning public affairs show. Teams of journalists prepare questions.

Wed Feb 25. First hour: The Show. (Moderator: Elynn. Camera: Bill) Second hour: discuss what unit we want to do next.

Mon Mar 2. Begin discussing Big Data and Privacy. Form teams and bid for sections.

Wed Mar 4. Teams formulating their approaches to the sections

Mon Mar 9. Rough drafts/outlines due before class. One minute individual presentations of each topic, "elevator speech style".

Wed Mar 11. Semi-final drafts due before class. New crosscutting teams for "constructive criticism". New teams work on the Discussion tabs.

(Spring Vacation. No class Mar 16 and Mar 18.)

Mon Mar 23. Draft sections responding to criticism due. Team by paragraphs on letter to POTUS re CPBR Act of 2015.

Wed Mar 25. Final BD&P wiki sections due. In class, work on two-page letter to POTUS.

Mon Mar 30. Finalize letter to POTUS. Discuss what should be next unit.

Wed Apr 1. Present arguments for next unit. Choose. Begin assembling seed documents.

Mon Apr 6. Discuss wiki stats. Team signup for Patent Trolls. Teams organize.

Wed Apr 8. Outlines, bullet points, due before class. Teams discuss.

Mon Apr 13. Final drafts due before class. Randomized teams work on Talk Pages (criticism).

Wed Apr 15. Jeopardy-type questions due to Elynn by yesterday at 6 p.m. Near-final pages, incorporating response to criticism, due before class. In class today: Everyone preps to be Jeopardy contestants, then (2nd hour) we play the game.

Mon Apr 20. Final-final Patent Troll pages due before class. In class, decide subtopics for unit on Autonomous Vehicles (Air and Ground).

Wed Apr 23. Choose teams for AV. OR...individuals may choose to do a different topic, solo.

Mon Apr 27. (Bill away) Draft pages due. Teams work in class.

Wed Apr 29. (Bill away) Randomized teams do the criticism (Talk Page) thing.

Mon May 4. Semi-final wiki pages, responsive to criticism, due before class.

Wed May 6. Last class. Oral presentations of solo topics. Class activity. Nostalgia or relief.