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Mondays exercise continued
Listed in the following order
Test Statistic
Null Model
Dist. of Test statistic under null model

  1. Pride of lions:
    The data is the number of males and females in a pride of lions
    Test statistic is the percentage of males in a pride of lions
    The null model is that the percentages are the same
    The dist of the test statistic is binomial
  2. Lottery
    Data is results from playing lottery
    Number of failed lottery trials
    null model is that the odds are accurate
    Statistic is distributed geometrically
  3. GPS coordinates
    x,y,z coordinates
    test statistic is the sum of the squared norm of the coordinates minus true coordinates, normalized
    Null model is that these are unbiased
    Test statistic distribution is chi-squared. We are drawing from multiple gaussian distribution and measuring the variance from the known position
  4. Traffic Lights
    Time to failure is the data
    Probability of the data under H0
    Time to failure is correct
    Distribution is also exponential