Exam Sign-Up (2014)

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Sign up by editing this page and replacing one occurrence of "Available" with your name. If none of these times work, email me. (But it is likely that additional times will be earlier than those indicated, not later.) As other things get on my calendar, I may need to remove some "Availables", so it is to your advantage to grab the good ones soon!

Monday, May 5

10:30 Vsub
11:00 Daniel Shepard
11:30 Shuqi Zhang

1:00 Elad Liebman
1:30 Ian Yen
2:00 available
2:30 Eleisha Jackson
3:00 Aaron Myers

Tuesday, May 6

10:00 Deepesh Toshniwal
10:30 Rene Hiemstra
11:00 Andrea Hall
11:30 Sanmit Narvekar

1:00 Nick Wilson
1:30 Todd Swinson
2:00 Ellen Le