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Homework Segments

(DT) Segment 1: Let's talk about probability

(DT) Segment 2: Bayes

(DT) Segment 3: Monty Hall

(DT) Segment 4: The Jailor's Tip

(DT) Segment 5: Bernoulli Trials

(DT) Segment 6: The Towne Family

(DT) Segment 7: Central Tendency And Moments

(DT) Segment 8: Some Standard Distributions

(DT) Segment 9: Characteristic Functions

(DT) Segment 10: The Central Limit Theorem

(DT) Segment 11: Random Deviates

(DT) Segment 12: P-Value Tests

(DT) Segment 13: The Yeast Genome

(DT) Segment 14: Bayesian Criticism of p-values

(DT) Segment 16: Multiple Hypotheses

(DT) Segment 15: The Towne Family Revisited

(DT) Segment 17: The Multivariate Normal Distribution

(DT) Segment 18: The Covariance Matrix

(DT) Segment 19: The Chi Square Statistic

(DT) Segment 20: Nonlinear Least Squares Fitting

(DT) Segment 21: Marginalize or Condition Uninteresting Fitted Parameters

(DT) Segment 22: Uncertainty of Derived Parameters

(DT) Segment 23: Bootstrap Estimation of Uncertainty

(DT) Segment 24: Goodness of Fit

(DT) Segment 27: Mixture Models

(DT) Segment 28: Gaussian Mixture Models in 1D

(DT) Segment 29: GMMs in N-Dimensions

(DT) Segment 30: Expectation Maximization Methods

(DT) Segment 31: A Tale of Model Selection

(DT) Segment 32: Contingency Tables: A First Look

(DT) Segment 33: Contingency Table Protocols and Exact Fisher Test

(DT) Segment 34: Permutation Tests

(DT) Segment 39: MCMC and Gibbs Sampling

In-class activities



Feb20-Team4-P-value follow up